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Timla (Himalayan Fig) Pickle

Timla (Himalayan Fig) Pickle

Size: 400 gm

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  • This is a very commonly occurring wild tree in the Himalayas up to an elevation of 1550m. Wild Himalayan fig is an under explored fruit having several health benefits.
  • Several Researches reported that Wild figs are excellent source of Minerals, Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, Dietary Fibre, Carbohydrates, Essential Amino Acids. They are rich in Polyphenolic compounds Anthocyanin, Flavonoids and has potent Antioxidant properties.
  • Wild Figs are used as Medicine and also used in reducing the risk of Cancer and Heart Disease. They are used in treatment of various gastrointestinal disorders, hypoglycemia, tumour, ulcer, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and fungal infections.

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