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Heeng Mango Pickle

Heeng Mango Pickle

per 360 gm


Product details

Sliced raw mango doused with asafoetida, salt, sesame seeds, and red chilli flakes offers the right amount of dazzle and spark to your taste buds. The predominant flavour and the healing properties of asafoetida, make it digestive and its delightfully sour and spicy flavour gives you the teeth teetering on the tanginess at the same time. Sesame seeds give the nutty touch to balance the sour, hot and, spicy flavour of the pickle. To prevent the mango slices from sticking together a little bit of organic cold-pressed mustard oil has been used. Oil also acts as a natural preservative as no artificial preservative is added to the pickle. This heeng mango pickle makes a delightful addition to your dinner table and can make any meal wholesome.


• Sun-Dried and Sun Matured.

• Made with Cold-Pressed Organic Mustard Oil.

• Free from Artificial Preservatives, Colors and Flavors.

• Handpicked Fruits and Raw Material.

• Made in Small Batches.

• A Women-led Initiative.


INGREDIENTS - ‎Green Mango Slices, Sesame Seeds, Asafoetida, Chilli Flakes, Degi Mirch, Iodized Salt, Organic Cold Pressed Mustard Oil.

SHELF LIFE - Best before 12 months from the date of Packaging.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS - Keep the cap tightly closed.
Store it in cool, dry and hygenic place.

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