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 Faran (Jambu)

Faran (Jambu)

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  • Faran is a perennial herb with rosy flowers whose leaves and inflorescence are dried and used for seasoning. Faran is found at very High Altitudes of 2500-3000m in Alpine Himalayas of Uttarakhand.


  • Faran is a magic spice with immense health benefits.
  • Regular use of it helps to reduce Cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases. It aids digestion and is a blessing for diabetics.
  • It is also used as a remedy for reducing menstrual discomfort, ease childbirth and improve lactation in women.



  • This natural herb is extensively used in Uttarakhand for flavouring and seasoning curries, soups, pickles, and even meat preparations.
  • Stalks of Faran fried in ghee or oil helps enhance the flavour of dishes. It adds a faint aroma of Onion and Garlic to the dish when used in Tadka.

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